Rough guide to influencing for brands and influencers

In a world where brands can no longer rely on their own platforms and own goodwill earned with clients. It has become possible (and necessary) for brands to connect to influencers.

However, before any collaboration can even happen there’s some due diligence that needs to happen on both ends. To ensure that the ultimate goal: exposure for a brand’s product or service is successful. The way to measure success can come in a variety of ways, which are outlined below.

The due diligence that needs to happen isn’t only about a brand ‘checking out’ an influencer, it has to be a two-way street. An influencer must also be sure that their vision and message align with the brand’s. Because any collaboration will require the influencer to share a brand experience that is a natural extension of their lived experience or sphere of influence.

Let’s be honest, as consumers or followers, the last thing we want is to see blatant cold selling. A brand needs to fit seamlessly with the way an influencer’s speak for the experience to even move us to buy. Before getting into any agreement, it is important that there’s mutual agreement on how the influencer and the brand’s vision align.

Here are some things to consider before starting any influencer marketing campaign:

1. Scope of work must be clear and concrete: be specific as possible i.e. say how many FB, Twitter or Instagram posts or other engagement is expected.

2. Be clear on what is being purchased and who holds the rights post the agreement period i.e. is the influencer allowed to re-use paid posts after the campaign has ended?

3. Content approvals, edits and distribtion: process must be clear. Channels, number of posts

must be agreed upon upfront

4. Success: what will it look like? Is it number of shares?leads generated?Be very clear and

transparent about success with an influencer

5. Out-of- scope activities:if youre going to be including influencer's name in other advertising campaigns not covered by agreement, declare them upfront

6. Remuneration: money talks, we know this and this is why influencers influence and brands invest in campaigns to generate sales. Payment must be clear upfront.

Hope this sheds some light. Got points to add? Drop them in the comments.

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