PR tips for entrepreneurs

Building a credible reputation is at the heart of public relations. Reputation is everything for any brand, especially a growing one. PR must be aligned to your vision. What are your plans as a business? What value are you adding? Who are you adding to? Why should people care about your particular product or service?

Often people assume they need a huge budget to pull off a PR campaign or to profile their business or initiative. In your plan, make sure generating leads comes first (that’s why you’re marketing in the first place). Awareness comes second..

Create a plan & outline all activities that you can do to raise awareness. Be creative in your approach. Every interaction can be turned into a PR activity i.e. networking, speaking at an event. Make every moment a PR moment. Be realistic about how much time you can dedicate to PR. Create a calendar of all the activities that you’ll dedicate time to. Understand who’s around you that can contribute to your plan/activity. Leverage on relationships. Reach out to new partners.

When seeking media coverage, always ask yourself ‘will this contribute towards my bigger goal’. If there’s no clear alignment, it’s perfectly fine to say no and focus your efforts things that will get you business or raise awareness. Your focus should be long-term. There are no quick wins – celebrate milestones along the way.

Your pitch to media should be simple: What’s your unique story? What are benefit are you offering?

Media can include bloggers, YouTubers, influencers, TV or radio personalities. Work on these relationships. Grow your media list. Reach out to media that your target audience(s) consumes.

Link your brand story angles to platform i.e. what will work for radio, for social media, for print or online media. Think of various angles you can use to tell your brand story. Be consistent. If you create a weekly schedule. Stick to it. If you create a hashtag. Use it every single time. Choose digital platforms that will do justice to your brand story.

Monitor your efforts, to see what’s working and what’s not. Keep media clippings. Check your social media analytics.

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